Saturday, January 19, 2008

Speaking notes from Greek Basketball Coaches Association, Summer 2008

[Coaches:  These are my speaking notes from the clinic in Athens, Greece, from the Summer of 2008.]

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Pick-n-roll offensively and defensively

Offensive pick n roll 
     -  Work on this in your layup lines with pick n roll lines 

Pick-n-roll angles 

    Step up 
    Double twist 
    On the move , off a screen 
    Strong side, corner filled 

Weakside action 
    - gaggle 
     - bump off double down 
     - slip 

Pick n rolls 
    -2 on 0 pick n roll 
    - 2 on 2 pick N roll - working on technique 
       - show 
       - hard hedge and contact show 
       - push up and under 
       - trap (toes to sideline) 
3 on 3 pick n roll shell with 3-man rotaion 
4 on 4 pick n roll shell with rotation 
5 on 5 pick n roll defense vs live sets 
     - trap 

Post defensive traps 
    - Determine where on floor is your post up "box area" 
    - Determine when you trap
         -  on the pass 
         -  on the catch 
         -  on the dribble 
         -  on the move 
  - "bait" trap - fake trap and cut off passing lanes  
  - digs, stunts 
Types of post traps 
       - "snap back" off passer who cuts 
      - X trap - 2 passes removed 
      - Y trap - first player 
      - Z trap - 2 players removed
      - Big to Big trap 
      - hits - off designated man 

Defending the post up of "Triangle offense " 
    - ball pressure, sit in lap of post 

We designate a color of our opponent.  Each player assigned a color in regards to the quality of shooter he is (e.g., superior, average, mid-range, non)

Defensive technique on 
- Dribble handoffs 
- Split action 
      Screener's man is loose, defender receiving screen into body of 

Defending "guard around" into and loose or into then under with support 

Post defensive technique 
    - Butt front 
         - passer pressure hands in quarterback's eyes 
         - weaksisde alert like a defensive back 
         - sit butt on post-up legs, hands up on butt front 

"Special situations" 

Define your best "inbound passer" 
    - full court, half court, 3/4 court 

Defending inbounds 
    - staggered jump - deflections 
    - two defenders defend inbound pass 

Special defenses vs special players 

Special rules vs special players
Started with Chuck Daly and the "Jordan Rules" 
- A . Iverson - on catch, pressure AI, other 4 to form a "box" on elbows and post blocks 

- K Bryant - mix up 
     Vs iso -  Force right in the first half , force left second half 
     Vs post up - force baseline 

Vs Stockton, C Paul, S Nash - trap right as they cross halfcourt the "face deny" don't let them get ball back 

Vs Ray Allen (and other good catch-n-shoot players) "Hover" hand of the ball

Vs D Wade - Anyone guarding him must have a foot in the paint 

Free throw 
    Hammer play 
    Runner play 

Jump balls 
     -read the tap - blind spot for each jump ball 
     - find and form your "alley" 

Hammer play  
     Play to score of the jump

Side out of bounds 
    - "50 set " (50, 50 up, 50 down, 50 red, 50 double away) 
    - X play 

Baseline out of bounds 
    4 o'clock (  lob )

Your team's best lineup for... 
   - comeback game 
   - 3-point shooting 
   - pressure defense
   - up 10 points with 5 :00 to go 
   - need a rebound 
   - playing with a 2 point lead 

Special situation drill 
  "Bubble drill" 
   7:00 on clock up 18 points. Team has lead has a bubble over basket so ball can't go in. 

Other team can score. 

Team with lead must learn to take care of ball and run clock down.  Plus get offensive rebounds and defensive stops to hold the lead. 

Example:  LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics at LA (Game 4, '08 NBA Finals)

Best shots in an NBA game 
    - a layup 
    - a free throw 
    - a corner 3 point shot