Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Andrew Bynum update

Caught most of the Jazz-Lakers game (at Anaheim) last night on NBA TV. [Coach Phil Jackson missed the game. He was at home with a "soreness and swelling" in his lower legs, so assistant Kurt Rambis served as coach for the game.]

Lakers center Andrew Bynum had a solid game in his first action since hurting his knee back in January. Granted, he turned it over four times (something Coach Jackson has been on him about in training camp), but that's to be expected. It was encouraging that he ran the floor pretty well and looks like he'll be ready to make a big impact once the regular season tips off on Oct. 28.

The 7-foot Bynum, who is just 20 years old, said recently that he's set a goal of averaging 20+ points and 10+ rebounds this season.

While Coach Jackson appreciates his ambition, he said "it's not possible" for Bynum to achieve his PPG goal.

"There's just not enough offense for everyone to do that kind of stuff. [Getting 10 RPG] is realistic. 10 rebounds, three blocks, some changed shots ... maybe a charge a game - those are the things we want to see happen with his defense."

According to this report, the Lakers are considering bringing Bynum off the bench. Said longtime Lakers assistant Tex Winter: "We played pretty well last year without him. The complexion of our team changes considerably when you’re playing Gasol and Bynum together. That’s going to be a real project to work that out so both those guys can play up to their potential and really show what they can do."

According to Coach Jackson, the timing between Gasol and Bynum is off at this point in camp:

"Right now, they’re very clumsy; they’re not working well together. We’ve got a group that played very well together last year. There are some things that we have to discuss and see how long we drag this out — or how quickly we facilitate it, because I think we have got the ability to play exceptionally well if we use all our skill players."

And though Bynum came off the bench last night against the Jazz, Pau Gasol didn't seem to think that's a sign of things to come:

"I'm pretty sure that Andrew is going to be in the starting lineup during the year and probably during the preseason too."