Friday, August 15, 2008

An example of a veteran player "passing along to the young"

Came across a story on earlier this week about U. of Wisconsin senior linebacker Jonathan Casillas, who was the only non-senior captain for the Badgers last season and says, after not living up to it last season, he's eager to get another shot at it this year.

According to the article, last season, "Casillas felt as though he had 'stepped into an unknown realm.' He didn't always know when to speak up or motivate those around him."

The Badgers keep two charts: One for "big plays" and one for "bad plays." On the "bad play" chart, the team tracks "loafs," which, says Casillas, aren't "determined by your athletic ability or your speed or your 40 time. It shows your effort. It shows how much heart you have."

When a freshman failed to hustle on a recent play, Casillas (pictured above) called him out, saying, "We don't do that here. We run to the ball. Run to the ball next time."

That's encouraging, according to one Badger assistant coach:

"It shows me there that there's an upperclassmen that's taking a vested interest in trying to pass on to the young what he needed to do."