Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In Green Bay, WWBP? (What Would Bill Parcells Do?)

Could the Brett Favre circus in Green Bay be any more distracting for a team? Guys are trying to get ready for the season, some are fighting to make the roster, and their schedule is interrupted -- in a big way.

I read where Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met for five hours (!) with Favre. Think about that. A five-hour meeting with a single player during training camp, a time when the head coach should be evaluating and working with dozens of players and preparing schemes for the upcoming season.

As I watched the reports on TV and read about what's going on, I wondered how a Bill Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichick, Bill Walsh, or Don Shula handle this situation? For that matter, how would Vince Lombardi handle it?