Monday, August 18, 2008

Teach a player "what he can't do"

Joe Bugel has seen a lot in his 30-plus years of coaching in the NFL. At 68, he still has immense energy and passion for the game.

Says Coach Bugel: "I think I'm doing something good to be around that long."

Some great insight from Coach Bugel, who has two Super Bowl rings:

On veteran players: "I like veteran guys, I really do. They're smart. They've been in the system. You can't worry about age. It's how their health is and how they can play. Some of these young kids are up-down, up-down. A lot of those guys get saucer eyes [when they face all-pro opponents]."

On teaching: "[Woody Hayes said], 'Teach what he can't do. Don't keep working on things he's great at. [Learn] what is his weakness and just beat on that every single day."

On team chemistry: "I think our team realizes that talent doesn't just win; you've gotta have chemistry. You can't build chemistry. The players have to do that. We've got the same team right now, a real good locker room. These guys are able to practice good together. We don't have any [jerks] out there."