Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Free agency is busy time of year for NBA teams

The news of Baron Davis opting out of his contract signals that it's free agency time, one of the busiest times of the year for NBA clubs.

I was surprised that Baron opted out in Golden State. At first glimpse, I'm not sure it was the right move for BD. He had a ton of money on the table and he won't make up $17.8 million in one year.For BD maybe playing in his home city ( LA ) with the Clippers is where he will be happiest .

Now, he can try to get the Warriors to do a sign-and-trade, but that's unlikely unless it has clear benefits for GSW, not only in the short term, but the long run. [It's also interesting that the Warriors didn't use the 10 million trade exception, which expired.]

Clearly, the Warriors are now in a youth movement. Davis is nearly 30, which should put him in his prime. As an opposing coach, I can tell you he is a nightmare to prepare for. He's one of the only point guards who puts fear in players -- not only is he a big, physical guy, but he can embarrass defenders with his skills.

From a roster standpoint, GSW will now need two point guards: A starter and a reliable back-up. As it stands, the Warriors currently have only six players (and two draft picks) under contract -- starters Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson; untested youngsters Marco Belinelli, Kosta Perovic, C.J. Watson, and Brandan Wright; and their two draft picks Randolph and Hendrix.

With that happening in Oakland, a former Warrior -- Antawn Jamison -- has re-signed with WAS. A great player and an even better person, Jamison is one of those rare guys who can get 20 and 10 on a regular basis. And he gets his 20 points without his coach having to "go to him." That's because he scores on loose balls, runs the floor, and and gets garbage baskets.

AJ's teammate Gil Arenas is reportedly being offered over $100 million by Washington .( media reports are Golden State and Sacramento also will make offers) Like Antawn, I loved coaching Gil. They're two guys I always hope the best for, both on the floor and off.

Down in Los Angeles, Corey Maggette opted out of his deal with the Clips. I was an assistant with Orlando back in 1999-200 when Corey was a Magic rookie. He has an unbelievable combination of strength and speed. He loves contact and gets to the foul line. Corey's another guy I loved working with. He's a player who puts points on the boards and helps his team in a lot of ways.It would not surprise me if Corey ended up back in Orlando
I wouldn't be surprised if Orlando has interest in GSW free agent Mickael Pietrus.
MP would fit in nicely with Coach Stan Van Gundy and SVG would love the defensive intensity of Mickael .