Sunday, January 18, 2009

If you don't get in foul trouble, you're probably not close enough to get a foul

In his career of nearly 570 NBA games with three teams, Warriors guard Jamal Crawford (shown here guarding Derek Fisher) hasn't fouled out a single time.

And that bothers GS assistant Keith Smart, who told that:

If you don’t get in foul trouble, there’s a reason. You’re probably not close enough to get a foul. So we’ve got to get him thinking about those things. I’ve told him, ‘Nobody probably ever told you how important it is that you play defense. This is something that has to be a part of you as a point guard in the NBA. You have to give more effort playing defensively.’ So a lot of this stuff is new being reinforced to him. . . . We’re looking at it from ground zero.”