Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're all in this dog pile together

In Columbus, coach Ken Hitchcock (right) and general manager Scott Howson (left) aren't anything alike.

As this article describes, Coach Hitchcock is known for his gregariousness. Howson is "soft spoken and measured."

"He calms me down when I want to fight every fight," Hitchcock said of his boss. "When we're talking after a tough game, he can take the emotion out of the competition and get us focused on the next day. In that way we work well together. It's very unique. We both lean heavily on each other. We're all in this dog pile together."

While "Hitchcock and Howson don't always agree... they share a similar vision for the franchise."

In Howson's words, "I think we respect each other's positions. He cares about winning the next game, and my focus is more long term. But he respects the intricacies of the position. He understands you can't just wave a magic wand."

According to the article, "Howson values Hitchcock's experience and knowledge of players in the league. He considers Hitchcock not only a proven coach but an excellent resource. Hitchcock appreciates that his general manager does not panic in the face of trouble. Howson might still be new to the job, but he doesn't act it."

Says Coach Hitchcock, who guided the Dallas Stars to a Stanley Cup in 1999:

"I've always thought that good coach and general manager tandems are joined at the hip."