Saturday, January 17, 2009

Falling into a trap

At his weekly press conference yesterday, Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie, whose team beat Tennessee earlier this week in Knoxville and plays at UGA on Sunday, talked about how some games are a trap:

"For any team, I think you have to be concerned about who you are play after playing one of your biggest rivals. It is a perfect set-up if you are not mentally strong. There are a lot of psychological things as well as physical things that are possible traps. There are a lot of things that are potential trap things for an inexperienced team.

I am not saying this is a trap game, but there are some traps out there... that our team could get caught in. I'm not talking about the end result of winning or losing, but how we go about playing the game and there is a big difference there. We could be at our emotional peak and played the best we can play and still get beat."