Saturday, January 31, 2009

Very rarely do you get a chance to be a part of something special

Brian Scalabrine's quotes in a post by Peter May on Hoops Hype recently are another indication of why the Celtics won an NBA title last year.

It wasn't so much about what he did on the court for BOS. It was his attitude.

As the author describes, "last year, Scalabrine was almost an afterthought for the Celtics’ juggernaut. He played in only 48 games and his minutes haul (512) was the fewest since his rookie year of 2001-02."

"I felt just as important last year as I do this year,’’ says Scallie, who averaged 19 minutes a game for BOS in 2006-07. “I was ready for the call last year when Kevin (Garnett) got hurt and I started all nine games. We won seven. Sure, on the whole, it feels better to contribute. But as long as we’re winning, that’s what matters the most.

Sure, it was difficult not to play. But everyone has a role and I just didn’t fit in at that particular time. Very rarely do you get a chance to do something special or be a part of something special and this was it. Accepting your role is very important in all of that. Sometimes, it takes a while for people to recognize that and understand that. To recognize that it’s bigger than you. You need time to grow up."