Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All-NBA Final Four Team :: 2008

Of the players still playing, here's my "All-Tournament" team:

Tony Parker (PG): Parker's proven that he's capable of not only leading his team, but leading them to championships. He gets in the lane as well as any PG in the league and ranks as one of the NBA's best in-the-paint scorers.

Kobe Bryant (SG): League MVP and arguably the hungriest and most competitive player in the NBA.

Paul Pierce (SF): Excellent scorer in transition. Can post-up anyone and draw fouls because he's so strong. All of that, and he can hit the three-ball, too.

Kevin Garnett (PF): Long and smart, KG is the best defender in the NBA. His defensive spacing is outstanding. On the offensive end, he can post up and is a great mid-range shooter. Best of all, he's incredibly unselfish.

Tim Duncan (C): A smart player who rebounds the ball and has the best mid-range bank shot in the game.