Friday, May 23, 2008

Who's who in the minor leagues

Here's a quick look at some of the best players in basketball's minor leagues:

Dontell Jefferson:  Went overseas; 6-foot-4; good defender; was in camp with the Griz; played at Arkansas, but his stats weren't bulky; has already won a ring in the minors.
Will Conroy:  Has had chances and up until now, he's proven he is not an NBA player.

Eddie Gill:  Better than a lot of guys at this level because of his experience.  Solid player who will likely get back to the NBA.  An older vet.


Blake Ahearn:  Was called up again this past season; can shoot it, but has a slow shot; small for a 2-guard; not sure he'll get called up again.

Kasib Powell:  This guy does all of the things that help a team win; coaches love him; must improve his shot;  has limited range; defends well;  handles well; can also play the 1 and 3 spots; nice role guy for a winning team. [pictured above]


Gabe Muoneke and Luke Jackson:   Experienced guys who have been there; unlike some of the younger guys in the minors, either of these players can step up immediately and play a few minutes.

Justin Cage:  Could be a sleeper;  solid defender who is improving.

Renaldo Major:  Sat out this season after heart surgery;  is doing fine now;  was called up last year;  tough kid who earned Defensive POY honors in D-League; knows what it takes to win.

Rod Benson
John Thomas
Mike Hall 
Cory Violette
Glen McGowan


Kevin Lyde
Chris Alexander
Other talented players:  Sean Banks , Loren Woods, Julius Hodge.  And watch out for Mike Taylor.  He's draft eligible, but needs another year in the minors.  He's not a perfect 1 or 2, but word is the guy can play.