Saturday, May 10, 2008

Should be smooth transition in Dallas

Expect a relatively smooth transition from Avery Johnson to Rick Carlisle in DAL.  Both Avery and Rick are respected by players, which should make the hand-off easier for the Mavs.  Both guys are former NBA players who knew how to maximize their talent on the floor. Both won NBA titles as players.   Avery a likely a little more emotional than Rick, but both are smart coaches who know what they're doing.

[Rick is second from left in this photo from 1986, between Danny Ainge and Larry Bird.  Bill Walton is at the far right.]
Rick's staff in Dallas -- featuring two former NBA head coaches in Terry Stotts and Dwayne Casey -- demonstrates the confidence he has in himself while surrounding him with guys who know the game and know what's required of an NBA head coach.

As a side note, Rick played for my Dad in the CBA with the Albany Patroons back in the late 1980s.  Even then, I remember my Dad saying how smart Rick was as a player, how hard he competed, and how he'd make a great coach some day.  

Rick is also head of the NBA Coaches Association and he's done a terrific job in that role.   I also think Rick is insightful as a color analyst on TV.  The guys succeeds at whatever he pursues.  

Good hire by Donnie and Cuban in my mind.