Sunday, May 18, 2008

Carlise on ego, great ideas, and harmony

Rick Carlisle in today's Dallas Morning News:

"Ego is important because it's what drives you to be good at something.  But whenever it gets in the way of communication and what's best for the organization, that's never good. I'm a pretty humble person by nature – very grateful for the opportunities I've had. 

But when you get into these positions, there's a lot of scrutiny. You have to work to earn the trust of your players and the people you're working with.  

So if the video guy has a great idea that can help win you one more game, I'm going to listen to the video guy. This whole thing has to be a team operation, from the secretaries to the video guys to the training room people to the coaches to the players. All of that stuff works in lockstep.

When you have things out of whack in one area, that stuff can affect what [happens] on the court. So we've got to have everybody in harmony."