Sunday, May 4, 2008

Westphal demonstrates loyalty

It's always interesting to see what a team's assistant coaches say/do following the firing of their head coach.  Last week, I caught a quote by Paul Westphal, a Mavs' assistant, after Avery was fired in DAL.  When asked whether he was interested in the job, Westphal replied candidly:

"I am not a candidate.  I came here to help Avery."

Here's Westphal, a guy who, as an NBA head coach, won 267 games.  He can coach in this league.  So why the flat out refusal to discuss the head job?  Why not toss his name in the hat?

Because Westphal understands that the most important quality of an assistant is loyalty.  Specifically, loyalty to the head coach.  Paul demonstrated his loyalty by quickly professing his loyalty to Avery.