Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If you have something to say to someone, say it face to face

In MIN, the Wolves have won six of eight, including five straight.

On the sidelines, coach Kevin McHale "has seldom stomped his foot or screamed -- at least at his own players -- from the sidelines." According to Coach McHale, that's not his style.

"I would never do it. I don't think that's how you do it. If you have something to say to people, if we have things to say to each other, we say it face to face, man to man and you guys never hear about it. That's the way it should be."

That's not to say he doesn't let his players know when he's upset.

"Mac comes in at halftime and loses his mind sometimes, kicks towels or whatever," said PG Sebastian Telfair. "He definitely gets going. He's a player's coach. He's not the type who's going to show you up in front of anyone. But once he gets behind those doors or in practice ... if you're not playing basketball the right way, he will definitely let you know, with no hesitation."

Mike Miller said he appreciates his coach's upbeat attitude.

"He's easy to play for. He's always positive. He has always got your back. Every shot is a good shot. Anytime you have a confident coach like that, it helps."

"He is an old-school coach," said Al Jefferson. "If something isn't broke, don't fix it, is his theory. That is the way he coaches. So if a play keeps working, that is what we are going to keep on doing. If they stop it, we go to the second option. That's the way he coaches."