Monday, January 12, 2009

You can control whether you hustle

Now in his 12th NBA season, SAC guard Bobby Jackson reminds me a lot of Avery Johnson, another veteran guard who has had great success as a pro coach after his playing days ended.

Based on this quote, Bobby has the mindset of a coach, too.

"If you're not doing the things to help us win games, then you've got to come out. When a guy isn't performing the way you expect, then he has to come sit down. When I become a coach, I'm going to do the same thing. You can't let guys think it's okay to play [selfishly]... They end up making a mistake instead of making the simple play. Here, it's about guys wanting to score instead of making the extra pass, thinking of the team concept. But, hey, you're not always going to shoot well. You can't always control that. But you can control your effort on rebounding, on defense. You can control whether you hustle."