Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mike Sherman expects players to respect time of their teammates

Tim Griffin has a story on ESPN.com today about the rules new Texas A&M football coach Mike Sherman is putting in place in Aggieland.  According to the article:

There is no room for tardiness anywhere around the Texas A&M football program anymore.

New A&M coach Mike Sherman has made his concept of team unity and time his primary early lesson. To help facilitate his group's understanding of those dynamics, Sherman has installed 25 digital clocks around the team's sprawling football complex in a coordinated effort to emphasize punctuality.

"If you have 110 players in a meeting and one player is late, for one minute, that's 110 minutes you've wasted," Sherman said. "I hit them over the head a lot with time, how your clock is constantly ticking as a football player and as a student.

"The players have to be accountable. And to me, being on time is a matter of respect -- respecting your teammates and your coaches. You don't walk in late." 

Says one player:  "Coach is making it like it's in the pros. It's not like college is a kiddy store around here anymore."