Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pro prospects of seniors in Monday's Final Four

If you watched Final Four, you got a sneak peek at several players who will likely be drafted this summer.  All of them are well coached who played at the highest level of college basketball.  Further, because they're seniors, they have significant experience, i.e., they've got a lot of minutes under their belts.  

Here's a quick assessment of some of the seniors from KU, Memphis, UCLA, and UNC who are getting looks from pro scouts:

Darnell Jackson (KU) -- Hard-working player who will likely go in the second round.  Played in 125 college games at Kansas.  

Sasha Kaun (KU) -- Projected second-rounder; I really think he could be a solid NBA back-up for 8-10 years.  Played in 140 games for the Hawks over four seasons.

Russell Robinson (KU) -- The New York City native may be only 6-foot-1, but he plays solid defense.  I wouldn't be surprised if he made an NBA roster this fall.  Logged more than 2100 minutes over the last two seasons at Kansas.

Joey Dorsey (MEM) -- Athletic rebounder who grabbed double-digit boards against UConn, Georgetown, Texas, and UCLA.

Quentin Thomas (UNC) -- Could have a long career overseas.  Q performed well in extended duty during February, handing out nine assists vs Clemson and seven against VA Tech, NC State, and Wake.

Lorenzo Mata-Real (UCLA) -- Not likely to be drafted, but could catch on to an NBA Summer League roster or a D-League club.  He's another guy who could play overseas.  Had a double-double vs Kentucky in the third game of the 06-07 season.