Sunday, April 20, 2008

NBA top 5: Off Guards

I have a soft spot for point guards, but how could anyone deny the excitement these guys bring to the game?

1.  Kobe Bryant:  Remarkable scorer who can draw a foul whenever he wants.  Get the ball in his hands when it matters and you're likely to win.

2.  Tracy McGrady:   One of those rare players who can play four positions thanks to his great size and athleticism. 

3.  Dwyane Wade:  How good is Wade?  Just look what happened to MIA when he went down.  Another terrific above-the-rim guy who will come back with a big year in 2008-09.

4.  Brandon Roy (pictured):   Multi-dimensional player who doesn't get enough props.  

5.  Ray Allen:   12-year vet is a dead-eye shooter who turns the game into a 4-on-4 because defenders can NEVER leave him.