Monday, April 21, 2008

NBA top 5: Point Guards

As a coach, I really appreciate a smart point guard who can run an offense, distribute the ball, and make his teammates better.  Here are the five best PGs in the league, in my opinion:

1.  Steve Nash:   Great pick-and-roll player who puts a stamp on his team's style and identity.  Perhaps the best push-it-up-the-floor point guard in the NBA, guys love playing with him.

2.  Chris Paul:  Continues his rapid improvement.  Terrific at getting in the lane to both score and distribute.  But it's more than the lane.  Paul gets to anyplace on the floor that he want.  Once he gets his 3-point shot to fall consistently, he'll have it all.

3.  Deron Williams:  I love his size/strength for a point guard.  For such a young guy, he's done a great job of playing and performing in Coach   Sloan's system, which can be tough for young players, especially the on-floor quarterback.  Competes every night.

4.  Gilbert Arenas (pictured):  Creates to get the shot he wants whenever he wants.  Has great range and can shoot well beyond the arc.  Another tough competitor.

5.  Tony Parker:  Incredibly quick and strong.  Smart player who can get to the hoop.  Gets his teammates involved.  Wins and wins and wins.

Bonus.  Baron Davis:  Terrific scorer with great strength.  Intimidates opponents.  After struggling with injuries the last five seasons, BD played all 82 games this year in Golden State (logging nearly 40 minutes a night), a first for him since 2001-02.