Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Toronto v Orlando

Point guard play could be the key for ORL.  If Nelson is solid -- not spectacular -- and takes care of the ball, the Magic are a tough team.  But they have the tendency to get erratic at times with unforced turnovers.  That's the sign of a young team.  

Even though ORL was swept by DET last season, the experience will help them vs TOR.  

If the Magic are making their 3's, they're one of the most dangerous teams in the league.  If Turkoglu, Lewis, and Bogans can get their shots to fall, Howard will be able to play straight up in the post.  That's bad news for TOR as neither Nesterovic or Bargnani can't handle Howard.  He's simply too much for them.

The good news for TOR is that ORL is not a strong defensive team.  Bosh will give ORL problems with his quickness and ability to face the basket.   He's lit up the Magic this season.  His range, array of post moves, and -- yes -- quickness makes him one of the toughest players in the league to defend.  But Lewis will force Bosh to move away from the basket.  This could cause problems for TOR.   

Despite Bosh and Howard, I think this series will come down to point guard play.   Ford and Calderon have to play at a consistently high level.   TOR's real weapon is their three-point shooting.  Yes, they've struggled the last month or so behind the arc, but if they get hot, ORL will be in trouble.

Still, I like the Magic in this series, though I don't think they'll have enough to match DET in the next round.