Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Analyzing the off-guards in the NBA draft

O.J. Mayo: Mayo's an off-guard who some believe will eventually make the move to the PG position. I see him as a player who can help distribute the ball, handle it, and help his team get into its offense, but his strength is as a scorer. He doesn't have a point-guard mentality.

I think O.J. will be a better pro than college player as he's had the benefit of playing under Tim Floyd, a former NBA coach.

Eric Gordon: A strong player who can take contact, Gordon's not a true point and is probably better suited to play the 2 spot as he can score it. His three-point percentage is a concern and he played poorly the last two months of the season during conference play.

Chris Douglas-Roberts: Playing under former NBA coach John Calipari and Coach Cal's open style of offense has helped Douglas-Roberts' stock. I love the fact that his game is hard to scout as he has an unorthodox, almost herky-jerky style. He will find a way to put points on the board.

Courtney Lee: A shooter with an NBA body, Lee plays like a winner and has played within a system at WKU.

J.R. Giddens: Giddens is a second-round pick who I've liked on tape.

Nicolas Batum [photo at left]: An athlete who can play the 2 and 3 spots, Batum doesn't make many mistakes. He's a jumper who can really run the floor, but not much of a ball-handler. He can also defend several positions. I don't think he's ready to play right now.

Kyle Weaver: A skinny off-guard. Well coached. Played in a discpline system. A combo as a 2 guard who might be able to play some point. Lacks nba 3 point range.

Shan Foster: A 2-3 tweener with 3-point range, Foster will be good for a team as he works and has a speciality -- he can shoot. He will also make practice better for his club.

Gary Forbes: I'm not sure Forbes has one NBA skill that stands out. He's athletic, but what's his specialty? A fifth-year senior, so NBA scouts have had plenty of time to evaluate him.

Sonny Weems: An athletic slasher who runs the floor, Weems would be good fit in a system that runs (e.g., like the Knicks will). Not a half-court player, but has good size. He's a potential second-round pick.

Jamont Gordon: Left-handed with a strong physical build, Gordon is another potential NBA second-rounder. His size is problematic for a two-guard since he doesn't have an NBA point guard mentality. [photo at left]

DeMarcus Nelson: Bay-Area kid who spent the last few years of high school in SAC, Nelson defends well, which makes him attractive to NBA scouts. He's a potential second-round pick, but might have to play his way onto an NBA team in summer league. Poor foul shooter for a guard.

Marelus Kemp: Though he was injury-prone in college, Kemp is a scorer with 3-point range who could go late in Round 2.