Monday, June 16, 2008

Notes from Game 5

Sorry for the straightforwardness of these post-game posts, but I'm literally pulling right from the notes I took as I watched the game.

-- What's surprising is that -- even in a win -- LA's Triangle offense isn't effective. What I'm seeing is a ton of iso and one-on-one play.

-- I mentioned in a post from yesterday that the mental state of the Lakers would be a key.

-- Gasol's post-ups will be big in Game 6.

-- It's the first game of the Finals that the Lakers have won a third quarter (24-18).

-- Odom and Gasol really stepped up in this game, another key I emphasized on a post from Sunday.

-- LA won the battle of the boards (40-37). Again, this was big for the Lakers.

-- We know now that the series will be decided in Boston, where the Celtics have a big advantage. Boston's struggled on the road all postseason, but it was going to be tough for LA to win three in a row against BOS, even at home.

-- Phil Jackson played Farmar and Fisher together some -- two point guards in a two-guard front.


-- Powe starts in place of the injured Perkins, but PJ Brown checked in five minutes into the game.Powe in effective entire game playing just 5 minutes entire game even with K Perkins in street clothes

-- Defending Rondo: Basically, LA had a "foot in the paint" defense with Kobe roaming off the ball. When Rondo got the ball, Kobe backed off and had a foot in the paint. When you don't guard a man, it allows even a point guard to get offensive rebounds, which Rondo did in the first quarter because his defender was too far off to block out.

-- Keys to LA's lead: Bryant's 15 points. He was hitting his 3-balls.

-- Lakers had the rebounding edge early.

-- LA is scoring before Boston's defense gets a chance to get set up. The result is a big lead.

-- Lakers' big advantage: Points in the paint.

-- Defensively, LA made BOS start its offense higher out on the floor.


-- Mihm make his first appearance of the postseason and, as you might expect, he's rusty. He airballed his jump-hook, then picked up a foul 94 feet from the basket.

-- LA's subs do a poor job early in the quarter, leading to Boston's 8-0 run (which turns into a 15-0 run).

-- Both teams subbing a lot early.

-- KG has three fouls by the middle of the second quarter.

-- PJ Brown out-reacts Gasol on the glass and he's more physical.

-- Radmanovic picks up a tech. The next time down the floor, Tony Allen blows by him. VR's play has really hurt the Lakers.

-- Odom has success posting up against a smaller Boston unit.

-- Pierce has a huge first half and he plays every minute of the half.

-- Bryant has a quiet second quarter in terms of scoring.


-- For the first time in the series, LA wins a third quarter.

-- LA has a poor baseline out of bounds defense ( Indecisive on switches on Guard to Guard screens )

-- Gasol has one of his stronger moves to hole, forcing Garnett to foul (his fourth).

-- Celtics do a great job of stepping in and taking charges -- something they've done all season.

-- Fisher draws two big shooting fouls. Then he converts a big three-point play off a mid-range shot.

-- Radmanovic is still assigned to Paul Pierce and continuous to struggle .( Later L Walton also struggles vs P pierce )

-- Kobe's quiet again this quarter.


-- Lakers struggle with pick-n-roll defense , With P Pierce handling and K Garnett setting screen . Boston setting screen so high it gives Pierce more room to operate . Late game K Bryant gets a steal to seal game on this play .

-- When Radmanovic checks out, Luke Walton is defending Pierce. That's still a tough match-up for the Lakers.In game # 6 in Boston who will defend PPierce a key decision .

-- Sasha: Poor shot selection. Impatient tonight at offensive end . Game #6 Lakers shot selection on the road will be so important .

-- Sam Cassell playing aggressive offensively.

-- Posey is a willing 3-point spot-up shooter. He takes big shots at crucial times.

-- Lakers fumble and bobble way too many rebounds. They're getting their hands on a lot of rebounds, but must secure the ball.But this is Lakers best night in series from a rebounding standpoint .

-- Garnett hits his first FT with 3:54 left in the game.

-- Pau did a good job putting fouls on KG.Gasol must remain aggressive in Game #6 in Boston .

-- Pierce did a great job getting to the foul line all night.

-- KG has had a double-double in every game this series. Although game #4 was just outplayed by P Gasol , also Game #4 played more center than in games #1,2,3 .

With the series headed back to Boston, we're getting another chance to watch NBA Finals basketball.