Sunday, June 15, 2008

LA's 9-point checklist for tonight's game

Down 3-1, LA's checklist in order to win tonight's game is long:

-- Come out in the right mental frame of mind:  The psychological state of the Lakers is a real key tonight.  How badly do they want to extend their season?

-- The Odom Factor:  LA needs him for four quarters.  It's important for him to be consistently productive.

-- The Gasol Factor:  Pau needs to play his best game of the series.  Like Odom, he needs to be productive for the entire game, not just a stretch of it.
-- A dozen from Sasha:  Vujacic must contribute at least 12 points for LA.
-- Board Game:  The Lakers must out-rebound Boston by at least five.

-- A Small Plan:  In the case that Perkins misses this game with an injury, or when he's subbed out, LA needs to be ready to play small ball.

-- Containment:  LA must contain two of Boston's Big Three

-- Free Throws:  LA has got to win the free-throw game and Kobe Bryant must get at least 10 FTA.

-- Weak Side and Drive:  The Lakers must get the ball to the weakside of the floor quicker and they've got to drive the ball.