Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jackson on D. Fisher: He understands how to do things

A couple of days ago, USA Today profiled Laker point guard Derek Fisher, who tends to get overlooked since he plays in the backcourt with arguably the best player in the world.  But if you've read the article it becomes clear what Fisher brings to his team.

Says Phil Jackson:  "He understands how to do things.  He knows how to get things accomplished.  And he has a cool head under duress."  [Something that all great point guards have.]

Kobe adds:  "A lot of stuff Derek Fisher does rubs off on the rest of the team.  The comments he makes about the game. His execution. His spirit. His approach to practice and preparation and hard work."

Fisher says it's about being a professional:

"I just think it's good for guys to see people on their team bring the right attitude to work every day. A guy that's here early, stays late … tries to do the right things. I think that becomes infectious."