Friday, June 6, 2008

Notes from Game 1: Opening tip, match-ups, bench, etc.

Some quick thoughts on the series opener:

Opening jump ball: Most people don't pay attention to it, but it's a form of competition. In the case, the Lakers easily won the jump to get the ball to start the game, and then to start final period. Now, it had no effect in this particular game, but it could later on. Psychologically, to have the ball to start the fourth quarter in close games is important, though often overlooked.

Match-ups: Interesting that the Lakers started out with Gasol defending KG and Odom guarding Perkins. The thought is that Odom is a better help-roamer than Gasol. The downside is that Odom had five fouls and was on the bench for crucial parts of the fourth quarter .

Lakers offensively: Kobe was the last Laker starter to score. And it took him 26 shots to get 24 points. No surprise that Radmanovic picked up a pair of quick fouls just five minutes into the game. He has no one to guard.

First half: The Lakers are way too comfortable initiating the Triangle offense. Defensively, Boston did a poor job of contesting shots. Gotta have a hand in the shooter's eyes, not at his waist. They did a much better job in the second half. P Gasol 0 First half Rebounds

Celtics are so alert on KB's isolations that they really shrunk the floor with great help. He saw a wall of Celtics defenders and the individual defense by Ray Allen,J Posey and P Pierce during the game was excellent.

Subs: Farmar and Turiaf's early forth-quarter minutes really hurt LA. Vujacic's shot selection in the fourth quarter was terrible. For Boston, PJ Brown gave Doc some solid minutes in the fourth.

LA is now 3-0 against BOS this season.