Friday, June 6, 2008

Stats and more notes from BOS-LA Game 1

Couple of interesting stats I pulled out of last night's box score:

Scoring: Boston's "Big 3" came through with 65 points. Pierce had 22 points on 10 shots compared to KB's 24 on 26 shots.

Rebounding: Boston won the battle on the glass, 46-33. In fact, SG Allen's eight rebounds were as many as any Laker player.

FT attempts: Boston won here, as well, 35-28. Rondo had more attempts than any player in the game (10). Kobe had just six FTA after averaging more than nine FTA this season and more than 10 FTA the three seasons before. This is a critical stat.

Fouling: BOS is a physical defensive team, yet they played without fouling, 29-22.

Timeouts: Doc Rivers did a great job of using his timeouts.

The Willis Reed Comparisons: Pierce coming back into the game was not comparable, in my opinion, to Willis Reed's performance in 1970. Reed was literally dragging his leg. Pierce came back and looked fresher than anyone on the floor.

I watched the game with five college coaches, including one who commented, "The dramatics at times reminded me of World Wide Wrestling."

Said Phil Jackson about Pierce's comeback:

"I don't know if the angels visited him at halftime or in that timeout period that he had or not, but he didn't even limp when he came back out on the floor. I don't know what was going on there. Was Oral Roberts back there in their locker room?"