Monday, June 9, 2008

Breaking down Game 2: LA v BOS


Boston Offensively/Lakers Defense

- Leon Powe's play off the bench was huge. Typically a non-go-to player who was incredibly active and had a huge offensive impact in the game's first half.

- Boston had terrific ball movement. The first 18 FGs had 16 assists. [On the other side, the Lakers had poor ball movement.]

- Boston also did a good job getting the Lakers in foul trouble. Kobe had three, which was critical.

- LA's poor individual defense led to reaches and gambles that ended up being fouls.

- The Radmanovic-Pierce match-up lasted all of two minutes before Ariza checked in. The Lakers need to find someone who can contain Pierce. And fast.

Lakers Offensively/Boston Defense

- As mentioned previously, LA's ball movement was off.

- Boston was able to defend Kobe without fouling him. Bryant had just one FT attempt, something Phil Jackson is questioning.

- Gasol needs more touches. He went 6-8 from the field. Find ways to get him the ball.

- It's now been two regular season games and one and a half playoff games where Lakers have no answer for Boston's defense.


- Again, Radmanivc has no one to defend.

- Luke Walton's lack of athleticism vs Powe hurt the Lakers.

- LA's left wing pick-and-roll is the only offense play that got them decent looks.


- Terrific comeback by the Lakers.

- Matchup-wise, they found Radmanovic guarding Boston's 4-man and Bryant defending Pierce with Fisher and Sasha Vujacic works. Radmanovic can defend Posey as a spot up shooter.

- Possible match-ups for Game 3: Radmanovic on Kendrick Perkins, Gasol on KG, and Odom on Pierce. Radmanovic did a good job rebounding as a 4-man in final quarter.

- Lakers get good looks out of transition and pushing the ball (3-ball looks) and Boston switched on screens more than in the first three quarters.

- Lakers played Rondo as a passer. This is how they need to play him as his assists for the first three quarters really hurt them.


- The FT attempt game is huge. Powe had more FTA (13) than the entire Laker roster (10) in just 15 minutes of play.

- Match-ups and role players won this game for Boston.

- PJ Brown's and -- most of all -- Powe's minutes were huge. Powe is a guy who might not even get in some games. In addition, Rondo made smart decisions with his ball distribution on the pick-and-rolls.

- Powe's coast-to-coast dunk summed up the first 40 minutes of the 48-minute game.

- It's clear now how much the Lakers miss Bynum. In the three games before he was injured, he averaged 17 points and 12 rebounds. Imagine if he was healthy and matching up against guys like Perkins and Powe. Might be a different series.

Again, home court advantage is huge. Boston plays with so much confidence on their home floor it's incredible. On the flip side, LA is undefeated at home this postseason.