Tuesday, March 3, 2009

18 Old-School Values

From Coach Silver's email, a great weekly read, comes coach Herb Welling's list of "old school basketball values.

[Here's a story about Coach Welling, pictured here.]

Basketball's Old-School Values

  1. We value the ball.
  2. We take good shots.
  3. We share the ball and make the extra pass.
  4. We sprint back on defense and we don't give up lay-ups.
  5. We defend the ball and help our teammate guarding the ball.
  6. We contest shots without fouling.
  7. We box out.
  8. We rebound and run the floor.
  9. We dive for loose balls.
  10. We take charges.
  11. We respect the game, officials, coaches, opponents, and our teammates.
  12. We have good body language.
  13. We compete hard and we play with passion.
  14. We have no excuses and we have "next play" mentality.
  15. We listen with our eyes and our ears.
  16. We only care about one stat -- the final score.
  17. We are responsible and accountable to the team -- on and off the floor.
  18. We play as a team -- the we is great than the me.