Saturday, March 14, 2009

A bigger, stronger Stephen Jackson

If Stephen Jackson looks bigger these days it's because he's added "10 pounds of muscle" and now weights 235 (at 6-8).

Jackson, who leads the W's in points, assists and minutes, "says his new-and-improved physique is behind his sustained surge, and he's giving credit to the Warriors' strength and conditioning gurus Mark Grabow and John Murray."

It was Murray who pointed out that Jackson's lack of strength was causing him to get pushed around without getting his share of foul calls, so the nine-year veteran hit the weight room to bulk up. Jackson now lifts for 30 to 40 minutes after every Warriors shootaround to jump start his game-day routine. He's also using meal-replacement shakes to boost nutrition.

The added strength is helping Jackson get "in better spots for shots and rebounds and figuring out how to hold his position down low." It's also helped his stamina.

"This is the most I've lifted and the most I've been in the weight room my whole career, and it's starting to pay off," says Jackson. "I was thinking that I didn't need it, but as I see now, it's the most I've ever weighed in my life and I still have my speed, so it's definitely helped my game a lot."