Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Being negative is a habit

The AP's Doug Ferguson wrote a good story about Geoff Ogilvy, who won the Accenture Match Play Championship last week (he also won it in 2006) and has won three times in his last seven outings.

After not "getting the results he expected his first four years on the PGA Tour," Ogilvy changed the way he manages his emotions on the golf course so they're not "dragging him down."

As Ferguson writes, for Ogilvy, "the trick was learning to like himself on the course."

Ogilvy says he gradually went from being "not very nice to myself on the golf course to being quite nice to myself on the golf course."

"Being negative on a golf course is a habit. You hit a shot and complain about it, and that's just the way you play golf. It takes a while to change that."