Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doing things the right way

Attended the Tennessee State-Georgia Tech game last night here in ATL. Despite 21 TOs, Tech beat TSU, 63-58.

Coach Cy Alexander's TSU team is off to a slow start (3-9), but he's stressing to his team the importance of consistency, saying, "You have to do everything the right way. Not once every three times. Not once every four times. Every time."

In a recent game at Kentucky, Coach Alexander emphasized correcting three weaknesses for his Tigers:

  1. Better blocking out on rebounds.
  2. Playing with a greater sense of urgency on each and every possession.
  3. Getting a good shot rather than settling for a quick attempt. "You're not going to make every shot," the coach said, "but let's at least get a shot we want and live with that."

According to Coach Alexander, focusing on these areas will ensure " growth, win, lose or draw."