Friday, December 12, 2008

Rest is a weapon

Earlier this month, after the Red Wings dropped two of three, Detroit coach Mike Babcock, who's coached the Wings to a first place Central Division finish the last three seasons and a Stanley Cup last year, talked about the difference between this season and the three previous years.

"We haven't been more relentless every night than the opposition. Every team ... goes through tough stretches. What you've got to do is minimize the damage at those times, and then when you've got a chance to get rolling, you've got to get really rolling."

After reading that, I went back and found an article from earlier this year in which Coach Babcock, his team coming off a Game 3 playoff loss, opted to give his guys a break the following day, citing the need for a "physical and mental break" and the importance of staying "fresh as a team and using today in a good manner and not wearing on your people."

According to Coach Babcock, taking time to rest is a strategic tool:

"You’ve got to get reenergized, and rest is a weapon and get prepared to play. And getting the lessons out of the game that you can. But there’s no sense beating yourself up over it. We didn’t win the game. It’s a new day tomorrow. It’s a new day today. It’s sunny. Let’s go."