Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recreating chemistry takes time

If you've ever had a good friend move out of town, or have a trusted co-worker leave a job where you worked together, you know that while it's part of life, it can be pretty affecting.

It's no different in the NBA as illustrated yesterday when PHX traded Raja Bell, Steve Nash's best friend on the team, to CHA. Said Nash:

"It's tough. While I'll welcome my new teammates with open arms, it's tough when you lose your best friend. It's tough when you lose two of your best buddies. It's tough and it hurts. He's my best friend and the guys loved him. It's hard. I have a hard time committing to this as a business. I take this personally and I take my career home with me. I care about my teammates. When you lose two of your best friends on the team suddenly, it's hard. It (recreating chemistry) takes time, that's for sure."