Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Analyzing a post-game stat sheet

Good insight from Xavier coach Sean Miller in USA Today on what he looks at first on the stat sheet following a game:

"For our team, I look at field-goal percentage defense and field-goal percentage offense.

Then right behind that is free-throw attempts between us and our opponent. Because of the way our team is constructed — a big front line, a physical team — we're generally going to be a team that will win by holding you to a low field-goal percentage, lower than the one we shoot.

And hopefully we're able to get to the free-throw line more often and shoot a fairly good percentage. And at the end of the game, you can say we got to the foul line more and shot it better, so we won.

With a younger back court, I look at our turnovers. You always fear having that game where you have a lot of turnovers and we've gotten better at that as the season's gone on. Especially with so many newcomers in our backcourt, taking care of the ball is also a big part for us."