Monday, December 1, 2008

Sweating the small stuff

BOS coach Doc Rivers played for Larry Brown back in the early '90s when Coach Brown was coaching the Clippers.

What struck him most about Coach Brown was his ability to focus on the little things:

"The key, just playing for him, is his attention to detail. I remember going over out-of-bounds screening, you wanted to pass out. He just kept adjusting this guy's shoulders and, as a player, you say, 'What is the big deal here?' And, I swear, three or four games later, the guy's shoulder was in the right place and he nicked a guy a little bit, and it's what got us open.

And you see that once, and see it again later, and you see it again. If I've taken anything from him, it's that attention to detail. [Yesterday], we walked through something in the ballroom and I can hear [the players] sighing - but you have to do it, and he [Brown] taught me that."