Monday, September 8, 2008

Creating and sharing "unorthodox" drills

Did you see the unorthodox drills Redskins head coach Jim Zorn (a former QB) devised to help Jason Campbell develop?

"To further refine Campbell's already smooth mechanics, Zorn has subjected the passer to a range of unconventional drills of his own invention. He has pelted his QB with large exercise balls (meant to represent onrushing linemen) to teach him how to move better in the pocket under duress; bombarded him with blocking pads when he's looking downfield to steel his focus; and even sent him skidding down a Slip 'n Slide in cleats to master the feet-first slide on a scramble."

As a coach, I really admire another coach's creativity when it comes to cooking up drills -- however unusual -- that teach a particular skill. Players tend to buy in more to a coach who comes up with unique drills designed to simulate a specific game situation.

These kinds of drills also break up the monotony of more traditional ones, making practice a little more fun.

But creating something that will be used in the privacy of a team practice is one thing. Sharing your unconventional creations takes courage as it opens you up to criticism and ridicule. It's another reason I'm pulling for Coach Zorn.