Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seeking advice from coaching peers after a big loss

This morning, I see where Clemson coach Tommy Bowden didn't hesitate to seek advice about how to help his team re-focus after a loss to Alabama last Saturday. [I have a cousin who is a Bama alum, so I was getting regular updates from him via text all night.]

After the Bama game, Bowden spoke to his father, Bobby Bowden, head coach at Florida State. He also called Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer and Georgia's Mark Richt to get their feedback.

To top it off, Bowden even called the coach who just beat him -- Alabama's Nick Saban (whom Forbes magazine recently named "The Most Powerful Coach in Sports").

According to Coach Bowden:

"As I talked to Coach Saban, I said, 'I'm not one to think I have enough pride where I got all the answers. You had six months to study me, a guy like you, give me a what did you see.' After talking to all of those guys, and of course they all had different answers on why their team performed the way they did and then some ideas on bouncing back. The biggest thing is how do you approach the team mentally and how do you approach the team in practice."