Saturday, September 27, 2008

Execution, court-awareness hallmarks of the women's game

Watching the LA-San Antonio WNBA conference final game this afternoon. Every time I watch women's game I'm impressed by how fundamentally sound the players are.

Excellent offensive execution, court awareness, and ball movement. There's rarely a time when someone is overdribbling.

If you watched any of the Gold medal-winning U.S. women's team at the Olympics this summer in Beijing, you know that they play beautiful basketball. No, the women aren't as strong or fast as the men. Yes, it's a below-the-rim game.

But if you appreciate well-executed, efficient basketball, watch a women's game sometime. Maybe it's because they get more skill-work in when they're young. Or maybe it's because women are "wired" to play a more team-oriented game. Either way, the result is impressive.

That's a credit to their coaches.