Monday, September 8, 2008

You stay ahead on offense, and come from behind on defense

Many thanks to Coach Silver for these nuggets:

1. You can always run when you play against a running team.  Most running teams are poor at transition defense.

2. How to Close Out:  Be Low, Slow, and Under Control (Rick Majerus)

3. Sign in the Celtics' locker room:  "No Dancing with the Ball." Don't just dribble the ball a lot with a guy on you when you're not going anywhere.

4. To be a success in coaching you need adversity and mentors. (Silverism)

5. "Before you can win a championship, you need to have your heart broken." (Doug Collins)

6. You stay ahead on offense and you come from behind on defense. (Al McGuire, photo)

7. "Amateurs work until they get it right. Professionals work until they can't get it wrong." (Indianapolis Colts punter Hunter Smith.  He said this before the Super Bowl and, guess what, he dropped the snap when he was the holder on an extra point. I think he kind of blew his own quote. -- Coach Silver)

8. "A rebound is a loose ball." (Jay Bilas)

9. Do you know how to tell if you're a great coach? Great coaches are always adjusting during the game. Poor coaches, to me, never adjust much during the course of games. (Silverism)

10. When you take a player out of the game, don't talk to him. Let him go sit on the bench.  Then, before you put him back in, tell him what he was doing wrong.

11. Don't embarrass  a player on the floor by yelling at him.  Talk to him as you would if he was near you.