Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why moving a team's best shooter to point guard makes sense

With his starting point guard now graduated, I see in ESPN The Magazine where Davidson coach Bob McKillop is moving Stephen Curry over to to the point position.

The article asks, "Who in his right mind would consciously curtail the number of shots taken by the nation's best shooter?"

But as posted here in the past, as the PG, "Curry will be controlling the game's tempo."

That's the key for Davidson. He'll still get his shots. And as the team's floor leader, he'll also be in a better position to set the pace.

Curry's move to the point puts pressure on the defense to have to defend an extra scoring threat as now Coach McKillop will be able to play another scorer alongside Curry.

Curry's body is small for an NBA off-guard, so this will also help him as he transitions from the 2-spot to the point, which is the position he'll have to play at the next level.

Some thought Curry would declare for the NBA draft after last season. But now with a year back in college and getting a full year experience at the lead guard spot, he'll be in a better position for the '09 draft.

According to Coach McKillop, Curry's spent the summer preparing for the move:

"All summer long, I'd have no idea where he'd be calling from. If someone had a camp for point guards, Stephen was there. And I got rave reviews."