Friday, September 26, 2008

For an embattled team, road games a welcome break

It's hard not to watch what's going on in Oakland with the Raiders, a team I grew up watching back in the days with Stabler, Casper, Branch, Biletnikoff, Guys, Hayes, Matuszak, Shell, Tatum, and on and on. Their talent and passion were incredible.

This weekend, the Raiders are at home against the Chargers (another one of my favorites).

Believe it or not, for a coach who is under fire, the road games are much easier (and more pleasant) than games at home, where the crowd and the negativism are more intense.

On the road, it's easier for the players and the staff to concentrate on the game rather than the side-show. It's one of those times when you actually look forward to going on the road.

It's likely one reason that the Raiders have played well on the road, beating the Chiefs and nearly beating a good Bills team. And it's the same reason that this Sunday's home game against the Chargers will likely be more difficult for them.