Friday, December 5, 2008

Coaching pet peeves from Duane Silver

Always look forward to Coach Duane Silver's emails.

This week he has a long list of "pet peeves" from coaches around the country. Here's a sampling:

My pet peeve is...

Fouling in the backcourt.

Not stepping back on rebounds after free throws when we are the inside (defensive) team.

Bending over to pick up a ball instead of diving on the floor.

Attempting to dribble a loose ball instead of securing it first.

Using the bounce pass to pass to a player with no defender in between them.

Offensive players not using the jump stop off the dribble in the paint.

Saving a ball that's going out of bounds to the opponent under opponent’s basket.

Not making a 100% commitment to sprint back on defense.

Standing and watching when a shot is taken.

When an offensive player doesn't facing his basket.

Timeouts to save possession early in the game.

Not going after an offensive rebound (send 4 to the offensive glass).

Dribbling one time with the left hand going to your left and having to spin around to dribble right (while still going left).

Taking a shot and just standing there not following the shot.

Dribbling balls when a coach is talking.

Correcting a player in a drill or explaining something to them, and then having other players make the same mistake because they did not listen.

Failing to stop the ball on defense.

Trying to intercept a ball with the wrong hand while playing the passing lane.

Watching a player sulk or make an excuse after making a mistake or turning the ball over instead of hustling back for defense.

Calling a timeout, telling players to press after we make our next basket, and then having only one or two remember.

Screening air instead of bodies.

A player who pulls the shirt out of his pants when he comes off the floor or when he fouls out.

Turning your back to the basketball.

Following a steal with a turnover.

Not feeding the low post with a bounce pass.

Failing to look up the court.

Rebounding (or catching a pass) with only one hand.

Jump pass. [You can use so many more ball fakes if you jump stop and stay on the floor.]

Leaving your feet on defense.

Not communicating on the defensive end of the floor. [A few simple words can make all the difference.]

A player attempting to throw the ball in directly under the basket, when he can run the baseline. (especially against a press).

When a player catches the ball and instantly puts it above their head or when he throws it right back out to the point without looking at the block to see if post is open.

When a sub (8-12) enters a game and immediately shoots the ball without using any of the team concepts that we are stressing.

A post man dribbling in the paint after he's gotten an offensive rebound.

Disrespectful or negative body language.

Players not taking that extra step to the basket when someone has drawn their man to them. It means when they catch the ball, they take that 5-foot shot with someone in their face (seems like a 60% shot) vs. the 2-foot under-the-basket shot with a player on their back (close to a
100% shot).

Failing to acknowledge a great pass from a teammate.

Blaming the officials for losses.

Coming off the floor and going to the opposite end of the bench when there are unoccupied chairs left between him and his teammates.

No making eye contact with the coach during time outs.

Coaches who yell at the officials the entire game.

Not reversing the ball.

When a player begins his dribble and does not go anywhere or do anything.

Players who play with their hands at their sides on offense and defense.

A big who wants to play guard.

Reaching/fouling on a dead ball player. [Why reach in when you have him stopped?]

One-dimensional players. [Those, who when their outside shot isn't falling, rather than penetrating to make something happen, simply keep shooting from the outside or stop shooting altogether.]