Monday, October 27, 2008

Broadening a player's perspective

Sounds like a combination of playing on the U.S. Olympic team and maturity have helped change Chris Bosh for the better.

According to TOR coach Sam Mitchell:

"His practices are unbelievable, unbelievable. In the past, Chris would just come in ... not go through the motions but just do enough. Now, everything, every possession, every play is 100 percent all out.

I used to tell him all the time, the difference between Kevin Garnett and 95, 98 percent of the league is Kevin played like he practiced. And Chris is getting it, I think the light came on. I can't remember one play that he's taken off in the pre-season, not one. Not one time when he was supposed to run and get to a spot has he not done it.

Chris has got the talent to drag us along. I think he's realizing just how good he really is and how much better he can become."

Says Bosh:

"I've grown mentally as a player over this past summer and everything. Just being in that environment broadened my perspective a little bit, and I just started thinking more. That's what we've been talking about a lot in the past, he (Mitchell) is always telling me how I need to be a better practice player, make sure I push the guys and push myself to get better in practice. I really took that to heart and I'm really taking advantage of being healthy right now."