Monday, October 20, 2008

Flip Saunders on the Match-Up Zone

Paul Tessaro, head coach at Mira Mesa High School in San Diego, attended the 2008 Big 5 Coaches vs. Cancer Clinic this past weekend at Villanova. Flip Saunders discussed the match-up zone.

Here are a few of Coach Tessaro's notes from Flip's talk:

-- Playing match-up zone will improve your man-to-man defense because your kids will learn angles.

-- The most important aspect of any defense is communication.

-- Don't assume your kids know your basketball terminology -- even multi-year returners.

-- Three rules of his defense: 1. No layups; 2. Contest all shots; 3. No second shots.

-- Don't defend non-penetrating passes, i.e., passes that go away from the basket. Conversely, defend all penetrating passes.

-- When you double the post, the shot will come from the opposite corner.

-- In transition defense, force the offense to make one more pass.