Thursday, October 30, 2008

The role of inbounder

Corey Maggette had 27 pts in his first real game as a Warrior. As expected, one-third (9) of his points came from the FT line.

While on the subject of Maggette, it's interesting how he is one small forward who does not have the role of an inbounder.

Most NBA teams have their 3-man inbound the ball. But with Maggette's ability to score from FT line extended and below, and his ability to get to the foul line, coupled with the fact that passing is not his strength as a player, it doesn't make sense for him to be the inbounder.

The two best inbounders I've been around are Mike Dunleavy and Shane Battier. Both have great vision, do a great job of reading the defense, and have the length to see over the inbound defender.

And in late-game situations, both are composed as inbounders who are a threat to get the ball back after they make the initial inbound pass.