Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coach Kruger on chemistry, attention to detail, and updating the plan

College basketball teams hit the practice court next week. According to Lon Kruger at UNLV, there are a few keys to help ensure your team will be successful later in the season:

Team Chemistry: "Encouraging the seniors to take the lead with group activities. Whether it be pickup games or social gatherings, Coach Kruger believes the more time the players spend together, the more likelihood they have to gel on the court."

Not Taking Practice for Granted: "Coach Kruger adamantly believes his players must work hard and focus on the present so they have nothing to regret come March. Working on the small details of the game and developing a steady work ethic are keys to making the best out of the preseason and not simply killing time until the season begins."

Getting on the Same Page: Coach Kruger's UNLV team "values its Sunday night meetings. From the first week of school until the final week of the season, the coaching staff gathers the team every Sunday night to discuss the week ahead. Kruger believes this is an integral part of planning and making sure everyone is on the same page."

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