Thursday, October 16, 2008

A willingness to admit when you mess up

Great note coming out of the Pistons-Spurs game the other night.

After DET lost the game, Pistons coach Michael Curry reviewed the game video and could see his guys weren't clear on some of their defensive assignments.

According to Coach Curry, that's a coaching issue that he acknowledged and pledged to correct.

"After going back and watching the tape, our guys defensively were a lot better than I thought. The mistakes they made, it was my fault. I had a couple of areas (defensively) that we had some uncertainty."

Accountability has been a huge theme with Curry this preseason and he said he'll admit mistakes when he makes them.

"The biggest thing with a coach is, you have to admit to your players when you mess up, because you're going to mess up, just like the players do," Curry said. "When I make mistakes, I let them know."