Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If you use your energy just doing your job, things take care of themselves

With the NHL season underway, Dallas Stars coach Dave Tippett (here with Mike Modano), who has the best regular season record among active NHL coaches, has some good thoughts on consistency and team identity:

"You really have to stay focused on the job and keep an even keel. You can't get too low when things are bad, because that will affect how you do your job. And you can't get too high when things are going well, because that will affect how you do your job. If you use your energy just doing your job, then things will take care of themselves."

According to this article, "Tippett said he wants to maintain the same identity – a hard working, hard team to play against that loves puck possession and loves to create plays. It's the same philosophy Tippett has had his entire coaching career, he said, and one that he adjusts to the talent that's available."

Says Tippett:

"I think people want to say we're more aggressive or we're trying to score more, but I think that's just the personnel you have. Our identity throughout it all has been very much the same. I think you have to start out fresh each season, because it is a different team. The chemistry is different, players take different leadership roles, people are at different stages in their careers."

Veteran Mike Modano on Coach Tippett:

"You definitely know what to expect from him everyday. He's always prepared, he has a good game plan, the staff is on the same page. That's one thing about the coaches here, there's never much drama. In practice, in the game, he really does keep things on an even keel."